Plans for Reunion 2019 are well underway for classes ending in 4’s and 9’s! As the overall Reunion Chair, your enthusiastic class chairs and I are already hard at work planning on making this our most stellar reunion yet. Please join us and start making your plans to attend Honeybear Homecoming May 3-4, 2019! 

At our last reunion, one classmate pensively surveyed our diverse group and said, “You know, we went to school with some amazing girls. I'm not missing another reunion and the chance to reconnect.” I hope you take her statement to heart and don’t miss a chance to come back to campus, relive the past, relish the present, and reconnect with your amazing class of girls.

 Looking forward to a Good Time in 2-0-1-9! Be on the lookout for your specific class plans in the months to come! 



 Adelaide Davis ‘79
Overall Reunion Chair


2019 Reunion Class Chairs

50th Reunion ‘69
Jennie Bowman
Becky Griffith
Peggy Fillebrown McMurray
Allison Thompson

45th Reunion ‘74
Nancy Neil Adcock
Mary Catherine Bradshaw
Gayle Dunn Hurley
Ellen Fillebrown Vaughn

40th Reunion ‘79
Susan Spickard Gray
Jennifer Orth
Connally Davies Penley

35th Reunion ‘84
Holly Conner
Bunny Stein Cothren

30th Reunion ‘89
Carter Murray Dawson
Jenny Walker Lenderman
Michelle Wolfe Proctor

25th Reunion ‘94
Miller Wild Callen
Ashley McAdams
Mary Pillow Kirk Thompson

20th Reunion ‘99
Kelsey Thompson Bickley
Meg Milam Chamblee
Abby Carden Corts
Annie Biter Duckett

15th Reunion ‘04
Christine Taherian Cahill
Macie Garrett
Kate Davis Lemmons

10th Reunion ‘09
Amy Bonau
Emily Carpenter
Ann Francis Garvey
Sara Hughart

5th Reunion ‘14
Cason Blackwell
Liza Hach
Emily Stewart
Conleigh Werkhaven