Reunion Time for all 3's and 8's!

It is time to make plans to see old friends at Harpeth Hall Reunion on May 4-5, 2018! As the overall Reunion Chair, I am looking forward to joining forces with the enthusiastic class co-chairs to make this Reunion the best yet. Reunion 2018 is all about reminiscing, renewing bonds, and creating new memories.

Reunion is also a time to show your appreciation to Harpeth Hall by joining me in making a gift to the 2017-2018 Annual Fund. As alumnae, our gifts each year represent a significant portion of the total funds raised for the school. Together, we make a meaningful impact ensuring that Harpeth Hall girls today continue to learn to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably. Truly, Harpeth Hall would not be the same without the ongoing involvement and support of alumnae. Show your school spirit by clicking here and giving online.

As we count down the months leading up to that first weekend in May, I hope you will enjoy the nostalgia and the anticipation of seeing familiar places, catching up, and celebrating together. After all, that is what reunions are for – coming “home” to Harpeth Hall and reconnecting with friends near and far.

See you there!

Abigail Sinks Spaulding '03
Overall Reunion Chair

2018 Reunion Class Chairs

50th Reunion ’68
Ophelia Thompson Paine
Ann Litton Tuck
Anne Beach Was
Anita Woodcock Schmid

45th Reunion ’73
Sue Fort White
Libby Oldfield Broadhurst

40th Reunion ’78
Joanna Jones Howe
Scottie Fillebrown Coombs
Beverly Browning
Barbara Lauderdale Hearn
Lauren Ives Ward

35th Reunion ’83
Heather Johnson
Colleen Johnson Kincaid
Barby Speight White

30th Reunion ’88
Mary Lauren Barfield Allen
Dabney Ledyard Hopkirk

25th Reunion ’93
Kate Sherrard Chinn
Libba Loyd Durrett
Mollie Mills Mann

20th Reunion ’98
Kate Tarleton Meriwether
Marissa Moses Russ
Meredith Mallard Thompson
Elizabeth White Noble

15th Reunion ’03
Marion Granbery Floyd
Tori Tucker Alexander
Lana Sorin Pargh
Caroline Johnson Sirko

10th Reunion ’08
Beth Binkley Mason
Marybeth Meador
Courtney Vick

5th Reunion ’13
Sloane Baxter
RenaClayton Rolfe
Caroline Grace Williams
Charlotte Shy
Warner Tidwell