We are hopeful that our Reunion events will proceed as planned, and we will be able to gather on campus to celebrate and individual classes will be able to host their off-campus class parties. If changes are necessary due to the ongoing health crisis, we will be in contact with all the Reunion classes.

Dear Reunion 2020•2021 Alumnae,

2020… What a crazy year! For the Harpeth Hall Reunion classes who missed our beloved Honeybear Homecoming this past spring, we hate that we could not celebrate at Harpeth Hall in person. For the classes ending in 1’s and 6’s, we are brimming with excitement to get your reunion planning underway!

We plan on having TWICE the Fun in 2-0-2-1! We are teaming up to serve together as your Reunion Chairs with Marguerite continuing as Reunion Chair for the 0’s and 5’s and Meredith leading the charge for the 1’s and 6’s. Mark your calendars NOW for April 30-May 1 for our double reunion!

While many things on campus do not look the same this year, the spirit and energy of the students and faculty remain strong and inspiring. Harpeth Hall has done a fantastic job of ensuring our campus is a safe and healthy place for students to learn, thrive, and grow. Tents for outdoor learning have been added throughout campus, air filtration systems have been upgraded, cleaning protocols enhanced, and many additional safeguards have been put in place. The classes are returning to campus in a cautious but thoughtful way, and the hope is that all girls will be all together in the classroom again in a few short weeks. It is because of the dedication and cooperation of Head of School Jess Hill, the faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, and numerous alumnae and parents that this reopening has been possible. As always, Harpeth Hall is leading confidently in our community and has created an environment that has made us proud. 

It is our highest hope that we can look back on 2020 and find lessons learned and inspirational examples of how we overcame difficulties. We now look forward to 2021 and our Reunion Weekend celebrating all we hold dear about Harpeth Hall, the education we received, the friendships made, the teachers who inspired us, and the strong community that still feels like home.

We anticipate an enjoyable and memorable weekend together next spring. Stay tuned for more details over the coming months as we plan for Twice the Fun in 2021!

Marguerite Nielsen Orndorff '90
Reunion 2020 Chair

Meredith McDonald Stewart '96
Reunion 2021 Chair


2020 Reunion Class Chairs

50th Reunion ‘70
Betsy Jewell Adgent
Lynn Landrum Green
Ginger Steele Stephenson

45th Reunion ‘75
Nancy Short Phipps
Beth Porch Scruggs

40th Reunion ‘80
Nancy Graves Beveridge 
Katie Groos Nelson
Betsy Mabry Peebles

35th Reunion ‘85
Elizabeth Hightower Allen
Trisi Stevenson Larish


30th Reunion ‘90
Anne Blaufuss
Susie Creagh Elder
Sarah Roberts Hart

25th Reunion ‘95
Blythe Durrett Browne
Rachel Kraft Johnson
Elizabeth Crocker Thomas

20th Reunion ‘00
Katie Howell Fayard
Amy Campbell Pearson


15th Reunion ‘05
Caroline Hale 
Annie Brooks Hickerson
Brooke Bloom Riebeling

10th Reunion ‘10
Mary Daniel Smith Danieley
Leslie Kimball
Molly Saint Sung

5th Reunion ‘15
Avery Hannon
Emma Pruett
Annie Stevens

2021 Reunion Class Chairs

50th Reunion ‘71
Susan Handly Hammer
Sallie King Norton

45th Reunion ‘76
Lisa Mathews Bohannon
Margaret Hutton Taylor

40th Reunion ‘81
Carol Coles Andrews
Jennifer Smith Farley
Martha Arnold Oman

35th Reunion ‘86
Wendy Warren Bradley
Margo Teas Elder
Nancy Brown King
Kristen Kirby Lowrance
Susan Summar


30th Reunion ‘91
Elizabeth Kraft Bleecker
Cynthia Price

25th Reunion ‘96
Leslie Caldwell Severns
Anne Elizabeth McIntosh Tachek

20th Reunion ‘01
Amy Scruggs Adams
Grace Clayton
Jennifer Harrison Hutton
Julie Cato Marshall


15th Reunion ‘06
Ginny Brown Crum
Anne Walker Harrison
Allison Stewart Hearon

10th Reunion ‘11
Sara Anderson
Becca Factor
Elaina Mishu Williams

5th Reunion ‘16
Mary Britton Anderson
Sellars Huy
Caroline Kohl
Whitley Taylor

Marguerite Nielsen Orndorff ‘90 and Meredith McDonald Stewart '96