It's Reunion Time for all 2's and 7's!

Greetings Honeybear Nation! Please circle May 5 and 6 on your calendars -- the dates when you absolutely must return for Reunion 2017. The weekend will be a compelling time to reminisce, revisit, and reconnect with your fabulous classmates. To plan for your appearance, your devoted class chairs have strapped on their creative caps and come up with all manner of enticing activities to amuse you during the weekend.

We love it when women who haven't seen each other in years can pick right up where they left off and enjoy sharing memories of their Harpeth Hall days and all that they are up to today. This year we celebrate the 151st anniversary of Harpeth Hall and its predecessor schools Ward Seminary and Ward-Belmont. In addition to seeing friends, we hope you’ll take advantage of all the opportunities to explore our stunning and ever-evolving campus to see all the changes.

We will look forward to seeing you all in May!

Emme Nelson Baxter ’82 and Ellen Nelson ’87 ~ 2017 Reunion Chairs

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2017 Reunion Class Co-Chairs

Laura Massey Bearden '67
Jenny Pappas Breeden '67
Margie Fish Martin '67
Linda Martin Miller '67
Debby Caroland Pollard '67
Mary Lea Gibson Bryant '72
Emily Thompson James '72
Kent Ewing Ballow '77
Barbie DeWitt Draughn '77
Molly Caroland Morphett '77
Melanie Patterson Blank '82
Allison Wills Brooks '82
Jane Mabry Jackson '82
Beth Thornton Rader '82
Chandler Coker Harrington '87
Wendall Bryan Lowe '87
Sarah Hardison Reisner '87

Shannon Simpson Bevins '92
Liza Caldwell Coleman '92
Mari-Kate Hopper '92
Ruth Duncan Coppeans '97
Katie Jackson Robinson '97
Whitney Hart Schickling '97
Sharon Rhett Hale '02
Grace Richardson Johnson '02
Lauren Hallemann McCarthy '02
Mary D. Bartoe Oldacre '02
Mary Fowler Howell '07
Caroline McDonald '07
Barbara Pritchett '07
Lauren Riegle '07
Annie Tipps '07
Anne Coogan '12
Sarah Allen Ray '12
Sarah Riley Saint '12
Rebekah Webster '12


Emme Nelson Baxter '82
Ellen Nelson '87