HHConnectHER Steering Committee

HHConnectHER provides programs and initiatives that foster connections between alumnae and with the school. In launching the HHConnectHER initiative, the Alumnae Connections Steering Committee has designed a series of events that enhance and complement current alumnae programs at Harpeth Hall.

*Photo of the 2019-2020 HHConnectHER Steering Committee

Leigh Fitts '91
Anne Nicholas Weiss '98

Allison Wills Brooks '82
Julie Riven Dretler '89
Jennie Stevens Witherspoon '94
Holly Whetsell Coltea '94
Meredith McDonald Stewart '96
Katie Koban Braddy '00
Megan Casey '00
Zuri Walker '07
Carly Rolfe '10
Warner Tidwell '13