Alumnae Leadership

There are many ways to get involved and stay connected with your alma mater. Listed below are our three alumnae boards. If you are interested in serving on any of these boards, please contact Alumnae Director Scottie Coombs, or 615-346-0090.

Alumnae Association Board

Alumnae Association Board

The purpose of the Alumnae Association is to promote the welfare of the school among its alumnae, and to further advance interest, participation and support among members of the organization. The purpose of the Board is to promote alumnae engagement by actively developing and sustaining strategies that connect alumnae to Harpeth Hall and to promote philanthropy among alumnae. The Board meets every other month throughout the school year.

Julie Riven Dretler '89

Kate Sherrard Chinn '93

Jenny Patterson Camp '02

Career Day Co-Chairs
Caitlin Anthony '07
Margaret Riley King '03

Networking Coordinator
Jennie Stevens Witherspoon '94
Megan Casey '00

Decade Representatives
Margie Fish Martin ’67
Mary Hawkins ’76
Elizabeth Thomas Trabue ’87
Anne Blaufuss ’90
Tori Tucker Alexander ’03
Emily Whitson '10

Past President
Meredith McDonald Stewart '96

Alumnae Annual Fund Chair
Allison Sisk Jones '92

National Advisory Council

National Advisory Council

The council is comprised of approximately 25-30 alumnae living in communities throughout the United States and abroad. The council provides counsel and support to the Head of School and to the Board of Trustees, and meets on the Harpeth Hall campus twice annually. Key initiatives of the council include Upper School Career Day, Spirit of Service Award, the Stephanie Balmer NAC Grant, and serving as mentors to fellow alumnae. CLICK HERE to make a gift to the NAC Grant.


Ellen Maguire Vick '89 - Durham, NC

Council Members
Ashton Alexander '04 - New York, NY
Dwyla Beard '98 - New York, NY
Lauren Marler Chewning '94 - Great Falls, VA
Elizabeth Collins '72 - Lincoln, MA
Nina Brown de Clercg '72 - San Francisco, CA
Raleigh Anne Blank Gray '03 - Charlotte, NC
Meredith Lang '11 - Boston, MA
Frances Lewis '01 - Santa Monica, CA
Anne Elizabeth McIntosh '96 - Nashville, TN
Kimberly Hogg Massey '04 - Atlanta, GA
Marla Mazer '96 -Toronto, ON
Christina Mishu '07 - Chicago, IL
Lexi Mossman '11 - Edwards, CO


Sabin Nettles '09 - St. Louis, MO
Reed Harrison Nirula '00 - New Delhi, INDIA
Reid Patton '14 - San Francisco, CA
Catherine Ramsey Shulte '08 - Nashville, TN
Scottie Gambill Ryan '02 - Venice, CA
Kate Sangervasi '07 - New York, NY
Holly Sears Sullivan '90 -  Rockville, MD
Mary Southwood Surber '94 - Missoula, MT
English Taylor '07 - Chicago, IL
Anne Hancock Toomey '97 - Nashville, TN 
Katherine Wray '95 - Washington, D.C. 
Ryan McLaughlin Wood '05 - Greenville, SC
Rebecca Hoke Zion '93 - Dunwoody, GA


Head's Young Alumnae Council

Head's Young Alumnae Council

The mission of the council is to promote awareness of the Harpeth Hall School in the Nashville area community, to encourage recent graduates to reconnect with the school, and to counsel the school on important matters of interest. The council meets quarterly during the school year; twice in the fall and twice in the spring.

Amy Scruggs Adams ’01
Audrey Ball Guest '02

Rachel Price Apple ’03
Paige Watson Bacon ’06
Sara Mason Bovender ’99
Katie Koban Braddy ’00
Ann Ralls Niewold Brown ’08
Michelle Gaskin Brown '01
Anna Gernert Carr ’05
Lilly Carver '12
Mary Daniel Smith Danieley ’10
Kelly Diehl '05
Aline Dushimire '09
Hays Brandon Estes ’03
Marion Granbery Floyd '03
Elizabeth Grote Frist '06
Sara Morris Garner ’03
Ann Francis Garvey '09
Amy Warner Greathouse ’02
Aly Armistead Greer ’05
Mary Julia Bressman Hannon '08
Eileen Campbell Hart '07

Ellen Green Hoffman '04
Jennifer Harrison Hutton '01
Lindsay Jacques Irving ’06
Cassie McConnell Kelley ’01
Julie Cato Marshall ’01
Elizabeth Bradbury McAlpin '04
Carey Floyd McDonald ’01
Campbell Mobley '11
Rebecca Barden Newman '07
Amanda Norman ’00
Claire Nuismer ’06
Mary D. Bartoe Oldacre '02
Dede Nesbitt Palmer '06
Lana Sorin Pargh ’03
Brooke Bloom Riebeling ’05
Hayley Phipps Robinson ’04
Lyndsey Johnson Rollins ’03
Abby Sinks Spaulding ’03
Laurie Spradley '07
Jacqueline Thompson Towery ’00
Diane Uwamahoro '07
Marianna Weaver '10
Neel Webb Young ’02