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Winterim Reflections from Students

Winterim in the upper school is a time for exploration. Whether students are exploring new academic subjects, new career ideas, or new places, there is so much to see, to learn from, and to experience during this three-week program. 


Hallie Galyon, 11th grade

My name is Hallie, and I've been at Harpeth Hall since 5th grade. Throughout my six years on campus, I have loved getting to know all the other girls in my grade and it has been really rewarding to be with such a fun group. I've loved how diverse Harpeth Hall is when it comes to the student body in that there are different clubs, styles, and interests.

What Winterim class are you most excited for this year? Why?

I am most excited about the Exploring Nashville: Our Story class because having been a Nashville resident for 14 years of my life, I feel as though I want to learn more about the city that raised me. I also did a class last year based on Nashville, and I'm very excited to expand my knowledge even more. It makes me feel empowered knowing my roots and where I come from. My family has a long history in Nashville dating back to the 1800s, and it is so interesting to learn about the kind of world they lived in while they lived here.

What is one Winterim lesson, teacher, or activity you benefitted the most from last year? 

Last year, I found that I learned a lot about the Nashville environment and how we can help to make it a better habitat for those around us. I think it was a very important, yet hard lesson to learn. Because our community grows in size, so does the waste that is put in rivers and other parts of the environment. I loved being in this class because I learned how to make a difference by recycling more and using a refillable water bottle so that I am not producing as much waste that could find its way back  into our community.

In your opinion, how do you see Winterim helping Harpeth Hall girls explore new interests or sparking long-term curiosity?

I see Winterim as an opportunity to focus more on personal interests and dive deeper into a world of constant curiosity. I enjoy Winterim, not just because of the new communities but because I get to work with people who work on and off campus. I also love that I see all different kinds of girls becoming interested in topics that they never would have dreamed of had it been a regular school month.

Lily Wang, 11th grade

Hi, my name is Lily. At Harpeth Hall, I am the Vice President of the Chinese Club. Additionally, I am on the social media team for our school newspaper, Logos. As a second year Harpeth Hall student, I have grown to love a lot of the traditions here. My favorite experience thus far has been Winterim because you get to explore new areas. Winterim really helped me to explore new things. Also, I felt encouraged to join new clubs and become more involved socially in the school community. The friendships I’ve already made make it more than just a school. Harpeth Hall is a safe and supportive space.

  1. What has been your favorite class or most memorable project at Harpeth Hall?

My most memorable project at Harpeth Hall was the sketchbook that you added onto throughout the school year in Art 1. In that class, there was a lot of freedom, especially towards the end of the school year. It was a good time to destress and socialize when working and creating.

What would you share to a prospective student about your transition to Harpeth Hall? Any advice?

My transition to HH felt very easy, especially since I came in freshman year. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly! Even though I had gone to a completely different type of school before coming to Harpeth Hall, the adjustment was not as difficult as I had expected. My advice is to be as flexible as possible and not to be extremely hard on yourself during the transition.

What Winterim class(es) are you most excited for this year? Why?

I am most excited for my Let the Games Begin class with Mrs. Yancey this Winterim because I feel like it will be very engaging. I am excited to learn about different games from all over the world and share them with my friends.

What is one Winterim lesson, teacher, or activity you benefitted the most from last year? Why?

 I benefitted the most from my Textiles of the World class because it was my first exposure to sewing. We had a lot of freedom when creating our own articles of clothing from recycled fabrics, which really encouraged me to use my critical thinking skills and creativity. This class taught me an important life skill that I will continue to use.


Cecilia Mbow, 11th grade

Hello, my name is Cecilia, and I am a junior at Harpeth Hall. One of my favorite extracurricular activities is being on the soccer team. I love the community aspect of Harpeth Hall as it is very welcoming to new students. I have loved my time here since entering Harpeth Hall in 5th grade. Harpeth Hall's community is non-judgemental, and I feel that I can make mistakes here. I have also loved the projects I completed during Winterim!

What was your favorite Winterim class last year?

My favorite Winterim class last year was called What's the Buzz! The class explored several different coffee industries around the world as well as the process that is required to supply this energizing drink to the 64% of American adults that consume it. Each member of the class got the opportunity to roast coffee beans and sample coffee from several countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, and more!

What do you hope to learn or gain from your Med School 101 class this Winterim? What prompted you to choose it?

I was very excited to hear that I will be taking one of my top choices this year, Med School 101. I believe this class will be a great introduction to the vast medical field. Taking a class such as this one is a great way to discover new interests and explore several aspects of an important professional field. I chose this class because I would love to begin exploring this field and learn about the science behind the medicine used today.

How has Winterim enhanced your HH experience, both academically and personally?

My Winterim experience has been a wonderful addition to my time at Harpeth Hall. The Winterim period is a relaxing yet productive time for Harpeth Hall students. It gives us a break from the rigorous curriculum of our usual classes while still allowing us to continue learning and further exploring our interests. I am very excited about my second year of on-campus Winterim!