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Martha is a junior at Harpeth Hall.

            This Winterim, I had the opportunity to work at Hatch Show Print in Nashville. Hatch Show Print is a 125-year-old letter press print shop in the heart of downtown. Hatch Show Print designs and prints posters for events and organizations not only in Nashville, but all over the country. Hatch Show Print has a structured internship program, so there was never a dull moment, and we were always working on multiple projects in the shop.

            With the lack of previous experience in design, I was intimidated when I was handed my first manila folder containing the expectations for the job that I was to complete. Although I was initially hesitant to have my own clients and jobs, I was quickly encouraged by my co-workers who guided me throughout the process. I not only learned how to design posters, but also how to communicate with clients to ensure that they have the greatest possible experience with Hatch Show Print. Over the past three weeks, I learned to appreciate the history of Nashville and how lucky I was to have interned at such a well-respected and historical company.

            Hatch Show Print taught me how to be independent and take ownership of my work. Having been at Harpeth Hall for almost five years, I was quickly able to apply my confidence and responsibility to the workplace. My host at Hatch Show Print would ask me to preform tasks like mixing ink or loading the press-bed, things I have never done before. I learned to try tasks on my own, then ask for help if needed. Soliciting advice from other saves so much time, energy, and confusion, especially at such a fast-paced business.

            Being a part of the 47th year of Winterim, I realize how fortunate I am to go to a school that offers such enriching experiences to high school girls. Throughout high school, my teachers have given me immeasurable advice on how to be a contributing co-worker in the future. How fortunate I am to have learned what all goes on behind the scenes to make Hatch Show Print such an amazing company. Winterim sets Harpeth Hall apart from many other schools, as students are exposed to internships and opportunities that most students normally do not get to experience until after college.