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What advice would our ambassadors have given their younger selves before beginning Harpeth Hall?

"I would encourage my younger self to make an effort to create greater relationships with the incredible faculty and staff here at Harpeth Hall. We are blessed to have such a warm environment of teachers and students alike. Therefore, I would also have encouraged my younger self to create friendships further than just the group of friends that I had at the time."
Annalise Cash, 9th grade

"If I could tell anything to my younger self before my first year at Harpeth Hall, I would let her know that there is no need to be nervous. I would want her to know that she will find her place at Harpeth Hall and that everyone will find a way to belong in the community, whether that is through athletics, art, academics, or performing arts. I would also tell her to be open to change and meeting new people. So many amazing people come in different grades, or are in different classes, but many have become some of her closest friends. Finally, I would remind her to try new things and be open to new experiences. There are so many options to explore multiple hobbies, including clubs, classes, and extracurriculars, and she should never try to group herself into one box."
Louisa Wang, 9th grade

"I came to Harpeth Hall in seventh grade, in 2021. I was nervous about making friends, and I was worried about finding my 'friend group' in the first few weeks of school. I was fixated on making sure that I had a close knit friend group and I think I missed out on getting to know a lot of the girls in my grade. My advice to my younger self would be to have an open mind in the first days of school, and get to know a bunch of different people because a lot of the time you become friends with the people you least expect. All of the girls at Harpeth Hall are great, and you will find your friend group with time, but in the beginning it is good to get to know everyone."
Sarah Roper, 10th grade

"I would tell myself to pursue your individual interests and not worry about the interests 'making sense' together or leading to what you want to do after high school. Just enjoy high school right now, explore all your interests, and let time and experience help you in your decisions moving forward. You will find your place and passion!!"
Anna LeMarbre, 12th grade