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"Keep an open mind when trying new things and meeting new people. It is so exciting to look forward to joining new clubs, sports, and other school activities that are new to you so take advantage of that. There is always something for everyone to try so don't be afraid to take opportunities."
Madeleine, 10th grade

"The advice I would give myself at my first year at Harpeth Hall, would be to be more outgoing and less shy around new people!"
Lucy, 9th grade

"Go to early help! The teachers are here to help you."
Amari, 9th grade

"It is going to be scary and hard, but it will be worth it. It has truly been some of the best years of my life, and it will be for you too. It is going to seem hard when you fail your first quiz, but just know that everyone is waiting to help you get back up. You won't help but wonder where you would be if you didn't go to Harpeth Hall, but 5 years in, I can confidently say it could not get better than this."
Emma, 11th grade