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Meet the Kiprono Family

Edith '21 speaking at the 2021 graduation ceremony

The Kiprono Family
Peter, Emily, Edith '21, Faith '28

Peter and Emily were born and brought up in Eldoret, Kenya. We immigrated to Nashville to attend to graduate school at Tennessee State University when Edith was 4 years old. Both girls have started their schooling in Nashville. Our family learned about Harpeth Hall through Ms. Braden, the principal of Park Avenue Enhanced Option School, the elementary school that Edith attended. Her daughters are Harpeth Hall alumnae. We are forever grateful that she picked up on the other teachers’ recommendations and saw a path that has become a blessing for our family. We also have friends who we have referred to apply to Harpeth Hall. Faith attended Eakin Elementary School, and it was an easy path and choice since she watched and admired Edith at Harpeth Hall. She knew earlier on that she had to work smart and get good grades in order to be accepted to Harpeth Hall School.

Faith '28 on her first day at 5th grade orientation. 

As parents, what influenced you to consider, and ultimately enroll at Harpeth Hall?

Growing up in Kenya, it was normal for the students to go to a single gender school especially in high school. When we arrived in the USA, we were astonished that “all” public schools were mixed gender. As we were pondering about the best choice for middle school, we got to know Harpeth Hall, an option that we didn’t know existed here. Once we visited Harpeth Hall and heard about the mission (Think Critically, Lead Confidently, Live Honorably), we knew that it would bring out the best in our girls. We were in agreement that this was a choice school for our girls' holistic growth.

How does Harpeth Hall’s mission align with your own values as a family?

With Harpeth Hall’s mission statement of excellence and commitment to lifelong learning, we knew as first generation graduates in our families that we wanted our children to excel not only in academics, but also holistically. That is the mission Harpeth Hall has instilled in our daughters.

What did you enjoy most about Edith’s journey through Harpeth Hall? How have you seen her Harpeth Hall experience help shape her growth?

It was interesting to see Edith venture into different extracurricular activities, change her career plans, and make new friends every time. The teachers are passionate about their work and allowed her to try any kind of course and extra curricular activity she wanted to, safely and without pressure. The kind of personnel working at Harpeth Hall as well as invited guests have been a limelight that exposed her to many possibilities. The parent meetings and conferences, as well as invited guests attending Harpeth Hall to give a talk have been enriching. During the graduating Class of 2021, our family friend commented after Edith’s speech, “Harpeth Hall prepares students for the corporate world.” We can attest that she has grown to be the intelligent young woman we admire.

For Faith, in what ways do you hope Harpeth Hall will encourage her academic and extracurricular experiences?

Harpeth Hall has been a pillar for educating girls, and we have no doubt that Faith will get the best education that any parent would wish for their children. The availability of activities both in coursework and sports, regardless of experience and current performance, will encourage Faith try activities that she has not thought of before.

Do you have any advice for prospective families who are unfamiliar with Harpeth Hall or who are unsure of the benefits of an all-girls’ school?

Harpeth Hall is a welcoming community to all girls and their extended families. Girls can try on any activity and make friends without any judgement. The girls grow and make lifelong friends. Girls learn to be strong, independent, and confident to take on any career of choice in the world. They take on the world with critical thinking, leadership, and public speaking capabilities seamlessly. Go Bears!

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