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Meet Ms. Jervis!
Upper School French Teacher and Cross Country Coach

Ms. Jervis teaches upper school French at Harpeth Hall. After completing her master's degree in French literature at Washington University, she has been pursuing her love of all things francophile, teaching, traveling to French speaking countries, and preparing traditional French dishes. She has led the Harpeth Hall cross country team to a state championship win in 2014, 2021, and 2022. In 2023, the cross country team was the Division II-AA state runner-up. With the win in 2023, Harpeth Hall now has a historic 14 state cross country championships — expanding on its TSSAA state record for the most won by any school, boys or girls, in the sport.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at Harpeth Hall?

Working at Harpeth Hall is all about relationships and living in community. I love working with the students and supporting them through their academic journeys. I am also grateful for the wonderful faculty.

Why did you want to coach cross country at Harpeth Hall?

Running is an endeavor through which you can see your growth very measurably. If you put in the work, you will improve. Equally, as cliche as it sounds, running is a metaphor for life.  Running in heat, humidity, or on hills challenges you both physically and mentally, but none of those last. After persevering through difficult conditions or terrains, you will get a reprieve and you learn how to take on demanding tasks.

What are you teaching this Winterim?

I am delighted to be traveling to Paris and Bordeaux to support the French immersion trip.  I love seeing how the girls change, adapt, and grow both in their language development and their global competency.  And, being in France renews my spirit.

As a coach, how do you see the athletics program support Harpeth Hall's mission of educating young women to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably?

Participating in sports has a significant impact on a student's growth. She learns to work with others and develops confidence in her physical capacities and her leadership skills.  Student-athletes also learn about commitment and working towards a common goal.


What students say about Ms. Jervis...

"I look up to Madame Jervis. She has been my teacher for 3 years and I LOVE her so much. She inspires me to try my hardest every day and helps me when I doubt my abilities. She wants everyone to succeed." – Mabry Neuman, 12th Grade

"I really look up to Madame Jervis because to me she embodies how to keep everyone on task while also being fun loving and meeting people where they are. She changed my fluency in French and made me significantly more confident in myself as a student." – Karis Egly, 12th Grade