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Meet Ms. Eadie!
Middle School Social Studies Teacher and SEEK Committee Chair

Ms. Eadie has taught middle school social studies at Harpeth Hall for over 10 years and has been a part of the SEEK committee since 2015. She is an enthusiastic teacher who spent time on five continents in a span of three months! Traveling deeply informed her worldview, and she values the perspective she gained from traveling and living abroad. Outside of Harpeth Hall, Ms. Eadie enjoys everyday moments with her husband, two daughters, and their dog. She is grateful to work at Harpeth Hall with such supportive colleagues and believes that being a teacher makes her a better mother and being a mother makes her a better teacher!

As a teacher, what drew you to Harpeth Hall?

My first introduction to Harpeth Hall was through several undergraduate friends at Sewanee who were Harpeth Hall alumnae. These were classmates I felt especially connected to and comfortable with, which definitely informed my seeking out Harpeth Hall as a place to work. Shortly after I moved to Nashville, I met my husband who attended MBA. Many of his closest female friends are Harpeth Hall graduates, and his mother is an alumna. I started substitute teaching at Harpeth Hall a couple of years before I started working here which helped me see the unique aspects of an all-girls environment. 

What is SEEK?

SEEK, which stands for Scholars Engaged in Extending Knowledge, is an independent study opportunity for 7th and 8th grade students. Any 7th or 8th grader may apply to SEEK. The program is designed to create a space for students who are exceptionally curious about a particular topic to explore it further with the support of a faculty mentor. The SEEK Committee guides students through the process of designing a project that includes both research and the creation of an academic product based on their research. In the spring, students present their projects to their middle school peers and are subsequently celebrated in an all-school assembly. It is so much fun to see what students explore through SEEK. I have seen projects ranging from roller coaster design to quilting to coding to pop art. There is no limit to what Harpeth Hall middle school girls are interested in learning!

What do you most enjoy about teaching at Harpeth Hall?

It's a toss up - I really enjoy my colleagues. I work with some of the best educators around, and I feel like I truly have a community of fellow educators here. I love it when students start to synthesize their understanding of a topic and see connections between historical events or patterns in history that cross the curriculum. I love when they are in history and recognize the use of a vocabulary word they are studying in English, or when they realize the reason we asked them to learn about political ideology is because it informs the key events of the 20th century. All of those 'aha' moments are so much fun to be part of, and I think our students are just a little more willing to dig deep in our all girls environment.