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"While at Harpeth Hall, I have found a sense of belonging in the classroom and on the lacrosse field. One of the most crucial parts in the community is the support each girl gives and receives. When in an English Harkness, my classmates listen to and value my opinion. When on the lacrosse field, my team mates and I cheer for our wins and pick each other up after a hard day. The community is strengthened by one's hard work, encouragement and the determination to support others."
Kate, 10th grade

"Community at Harpeth Hall is found in the halls. Over my past eight years at Harpeth Hall, I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of different people and create community. On sports teams, in Latin Club, Fashion Club, classes with members of different grades, and smiles exchanged in the hallways. Inclusion is evident. Every student makes an effort to make others feel belonged. Everyone has a place at Harpeth Hall, and everyone is accepted for they are - and for that - I am most grateful."
Caroline, 12th grade

"I have built community at Harpeth Hall by getting myself involved in many different activities. While you have the time, if anyone offers you an opportunity, say yes! I have met some of my best friends through theater, sports, student clubs, service opportunities, and more. All of my experiences have truly helped shape me into the person I am today. Say yes!"
Veronica, 12th grade

"I find building community at Harpeth Hall to be the most prevalent in the clubs and organizations I am apart of. These clubs allow me to get closer with both peers and faculty, while also engrossing myself in content I am interested in outside of the core academics. Bears Broadcasting and Confidence Club has connected me closer with the HH community the most!"
Vee, 12th grade