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How can new students build a community at Harpeth Hall?  Where have our ambassadors found a sense of belonging with their peers the most?

"ADIVISORY!!! It is so nice to have a group of people who I may otherwise not talk to to just exist with. We can tell each other anything and everything without fear of judgement or consequence. We giggle, cry, scream, and it's all in all the best time."
Lulu Kohler, 10th grade

"A community that I have been apart of is B.E.L.O.N.G, I have felt that I belonged within his community because they are not only supported but it gives me a space where I can be myself."
Abby Perkins, 9th grade

"Through my years at Harpeth Hall I have grown the best relationships with my teammates on the field. No matter what level or sport I was participating in I have consistently ended the season with more and closer friends then I had at the beginning. I will always be grateful that the friends I was able to make on the field have carried through into the hallways and beyond."
Liza Nelle Meltesen, 10th grade

"I have felt a sense of community at Harpeth Hall through our service club and board. Through these activities, I have been in circles with girls who have a common goal of serving our community and looking beyond the walls of Harpeth Hall."
Anna LeMarbre, 12th grade

"Harpeth Hall is a big family and we all want the best for one another. In this big community there are smaller groups that students form based on commonalities and interest. For me, the theatre community has been super important to me and they are some of my favorite people. We spend so much time together, and we are so close so we can trust each other fully."
Larkin Wilson, 10th grade