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What might a new student be most excited about?

"Friends! It's so stereotypical, but I was so so nervous about maybe not having friends or being too different to "fit in". I quickly realized that everybody could have something in common, and to this day there are people who I haven't had a class with since 5th grade who I still have a great time talking to in the halls."
Lula Kohler, 10th Grade

"A new student should be most excited about making new friends and meeting new teachers, all throughout my years of Harpeth hall, I have been able to have the amazing opportunity to make new friends and meet new teachers. One of the best things about Harpeth Hall, by far is the ability to have so many different friends, whether you make them through your various clubs or meeting new people through your classes. Also I absolutely love the teachers here, because they are so amazing and awesome to work with!"
Abby Perkins, 9th grade

"When arriving at Harpeth Hall as a new student, girls should be most excited about the wide variety of specialized extracurricular activities that are offered to them! Harpeth Hall has a robust athletics program, offering sports and physical activity of all kind, ranging from basketball to rowing to ice hockey to track and field to bowling, and so much more! Aside from athletic opportunities, girls can participate in the STEM program through robotics and engineering. Dependent on their interests, students can also participate in the visual and performing arts programs through theater, art classes, and more."
Annalise Cash, 9th grade

"Be excited about advisories! At Harpeth Hall our advisors are so special and I have made real connections each year with not only the faculty member leading us but also the girls I got to know over the year or two year period. The way our advisory system runs is so unique from other schools because of the activities, discussions, and relationships within each intimate group of girls."
Liza Nelle Meltesen, 10th grade

"I would definitely be excited about Winterim!! Winterim has been one of the most incredible experiences I have had at Harpeth Hall. The first couple years, it was engaging to learn in a new way and sometimes about topics I knew nothing about! I have also felt so supported in exploring my individual career goals after college. Through my internship junior year, I gained so much more clarity and sharpened my focus throughout high school and moving into college of what I want to pursue. Many times over, I have used my Winterim experience in college essays and more as I look to the future. Finally, senior year, being able to travel with my classmates and teachers was a once-in-a-lifetime gift! I learned so much about myself, new cultures, and more. ."
Anna LeMarbre, 12th grade