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"The most exciting feeling was making new friends and the excitement new friendships bring!"
Lucy, 9th Grade

"Looking back on my first year at Harpeth Hall, I was so nervous. I knew it was going to be hard to put myself out there and make friends, but upon arrival in the 5th grade, I was constantly reassured of my future success. Starting at any new school can be nerve racking and possibly stressful, but starting at Harpeth Hall is much different in my opinion. The administration and teachers are eager to help you achieve your goals and push you to do even more than you thought you were capable of when you first walked on campus. The people at Harpeth Hall, both peers and mentors, make Harpeth Hall the school it is, and meeting and connecting with those people is my favorite part of being a student here."
Ryan, 10th grade

"It was for sure the playground. But I also was so excited to be in a club! (go Ariston)."
Amari, 9th grade

"When I came in fifth grade, I was nervous to meet new friends and teachers, but luckily everyone I met was feeling the same way. I think a new student should be most excited to be introduced to new people and find an extracurricular activity that they really love. When you're first transitioning to Harpeth Hall, there are so many opportunities to try, so I got to try out many different sports and after school activities. Especially during my years in the middle school, I got to gain a sense of the different things outside of academics that Harpeth Hall offers, which has only been built upon in my first year of the upper school."
Katherine, 9th grade

"I would be most excited about the environment in the classrooms. It is very inviting and arouses curiosity. It is fun to finally have that lightbulb moment, and everyone will cheer you on in that moment."
Emma, 11th grade

"Advisory! Advisory is such a special group of girls that you are able to get very close with during your time at Harpeth Hall. I am so grateful to have had 5-6 girls to give me advice on school and life in general, and an advisor to walk me through my journey at Harpeth Hall. Having these familiar faces that are your biggest cheerleaders, most meaningful mentors, best friends is a constant reminder of the significant of community at Harpeth Hall."
Vee, 12th grade