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What advice would our ambassadors give to new Honeybears moving from out of town?

"Reach out ahead of time. I know there are buddy programs, but one of my best best friends now is somebody who moved from California in 8th grade. She reached out after seeing that I went to Harpeth Hall and it gave her a solid, stable transition into the grade. I think it gave her a better grip of the school and what to expect."
Lulu Kohler, 10th grade

"Some advice I have is actively trying to put yourself out there, some examples of this is joining a sport or a club, because within those clubs or sports you will have the opportunity to meet new people and form new connections."
Abby Perkins, 9th grade

"Over my time at Harpeth Hall I have become friends with multiple girls that have moved to Nashville and chosen Harpeth Hall from other areas. Before a student enters their first year at Harpeth Hall they will be matched with a Bear Buddy to answer any questions they may have, possibly hang out during the summer break, but most importantly become friends prior to convocation. Harpeth Hall does an amazing job welcoming and including students into our community, and along with that I suggest joining in on activities to get to know all the girls in the grade!"
Liza Nelle Meltesen, 10th grade

"I would say definitely do not think there will be any difference between you and classmates just because you lived in different places. Instead, maybe think of this as a conversation starter or a way to get to know girls at Harpeth Hall better. One thing I will say is not to get discouraged. Everyone is in the same boat making friends, and connections take time! You will find you place."
Anna LeMarbre, 12th grade