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"The community at Harpeth Hall is unlike any other. My older sister was a new 5th grader from out of town, and she was immediately and warmly welcomed to HH. While I lived in Nashville for two years before coming into 5th grade, I was the only student from my elementary school who left to go to HH. It was intimidating at first, as I walked in on my first day knowing no one. After the first day, however, I quickly felt like I had just made 47 new friends. So, my advice would be to take a deep breath and trust the Harpeth Hall community. Focus on the excitement of new friends rather than the intimidation of not knowing anyone. Before you know it, it will feel like the girls in your grade are girls you've known your whole life — and that is what is so special about our community of Honeybears."
Olivia, 12th grade

"Reach out to those around you for help, and remember everyone is here to support you!"
Lucy, 9th grade

"Coming in from out of town, you will find that the community here at Harpeth Hall is strong! Your future peers are ready to meet you, and those who are from Nashville will be especially eager to hear about your old home. Putting yourself out there and sharing your experiences is a great way to meet new friends! Although connecting with your peers may be daunting, know that your teachers want to get to know you and stay connected with you as you make your way through Harpeth Hall."
Ryan, 10th grade

"The Harpeth Hall community wants you to be here. You are also not the only person who feels this way or who has ever. SO many people more each year and there will be people who have moved before you."
Amari, 9th grade

"Personally, I never toured the school, and was very nervous about starting a brand new school that was 14 hours away. I would say the best advice to give is to just jump into it. Talk to as many people as you can, and then find who you want to be around. Trust me, people will want to get to know you. The community here is truly so strong and you will fit right in."
Emma, 11th grade

"If you are moving from out of town, take the opportunity to reach out to your classmates and ask them to show you around Nashville! I know I love stepping into the shoes of a tour guide when my friends and family from outside of Tennessee come to visit. We are right in the middle of some great areas of town (downtown, Green Hills, Hill Center, etc.) so get to know your new home and new friends at the same time!"
Veronica, 12th grade