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The World of Insulin and Blood Sugar

by Taylor K. Class of 2021

How Various Countries Diagnose and Treat Type One Diabetes

by Taylor K. Class of 2021

For my global scholars capstone project, I focused on the treatment of Type One Diabetes in various countries. After being diagnosed with Type 1 in 8th grade, I have been fascinated by its complex treatment.  I researched treatments in China, Japan, and developing countries and compared their methodology with that of the U.S. Through my research, I found that different countries use different types of insulin therapy and technological devices. Additionally, I found that because developing countries have less access to medical resources, issues like insulin shortages and poor treatment of type 1 diabetes arise, leading to a higher increase in fatality due to untreated diabetes. Overall, it was fascinating to compare methods used in the U.S to treat an autoimmune disease with other cultures and nations.


  • Global Scholars
  • Student Capstone 2021