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The Environmental Effects of a Nuclear Disaster

by Lynleigh Y. Class of 2021 

A Study of the Chernobyl Disaster’s Ecological Impact

by Lynleigh Y. Class of 2021 

My capstone project examined the ecological impact that the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster has had in the exclusion zone, the area surrounding the plant that is still heavily restricted today. More specifically, I examined the effects that radiation has on aquatic systems and fish, forests, and animals. I learned a lot about radiation and how resilient the natural world can be. For example, many animal populations are thriving despite elevated levels of background radiation. However, many of these animals die off of natural causes before they could see any real adverse health effects due to radiation, such as cancer. Additionally, radiation levels are decreasing in both the rivers and forests of the exclusion zone, though at very different rates.  More than anything though, I learned the importance of fact checking due to the immense amount of false information that is out there about Chernobyl.

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