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The Birth Control Pill

by Quinlan C. Class of 2021

How the Pill Changed Women’s Rights and Society in the United States, Finland, Japan, and Brazil.

by Quinlan C. Class of 2021

The Pill has had vastly varying effects in each of these countries.  While the fertility rate has declined globally since the creation and legalization of the Birth Control Pill, societies and cultures across the globe have accepted it differently.  Brazil's government has made efforts to expand access to the pill, but it still remains challenging to get it in rural areas.  The Pill has had a tremendous impact on gender equality in the United States.  In Japan where the Pill wasn't legalized until 1999, most women still remain hesitant to use the Pill, often preferring abortions.  Finland has widespread, fully covered access to the Pill both for adults and teenagers.  The Birth Control Pill is a highly effective contraceptive.  Being the first of its kind - a contraceptive controlled by women - it has had a great impact on women's rights and the fight for gender equality globally.

  • Global Scholars
  • Student Capstone 2021