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Preventable Pediatric Hearing Loss and the Long Term Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Eliana S. Class of 2021

by Eliana S. Class of 2021

For my capstone project, I looked at pediatric hearing loss in developing countries, specifically focusing on preventable hearing loss in sub-saharan Africa. I first looked at general data and found that about 60% of all childhood hearing impairments are preventable and can be caused by factors such as birth complications, infections, and ototoxic medication. I then looked deeper into sub saharan Africa and found that there are well over a million children with disabling hearing loss. I found that while yes they do have preventable causes of hearing loss the biggest issue is the effects that hearing loss has as these children grow up such as having to drop out of school and being unable to get certain jobs because of communication barriers. Finally I researched and found some groups that are helping to support deaf children and give them a better life in sub saharan Africa.

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