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Northeast Corridor: Last Day Cooking Competiton

Today the morning was free, allowing groups of 3 or more to explore museums or areas of DC that interest them. We decided to go to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, which has a wide variety of different exhibits and places of interest. Including extinct animals, fossils, ocean life, gemstones, the hope diamond, and the origins of humans. Below are a few images taken during our walk through the museum.

After our exploration at the museum, we all met up at the Hirshhorn and explored the immersive exhibits on each floor. Given a time to meet back at the hotel, we decided to spend extra time exploring the exhibits offered on each floor. Below are pictures from the exhibits with captions and explanations about the piece or the artist.

Finally, we all met up to head to a cooking competition for dinner. We took a subway to GW and walked the rest of the way to Georgetown where the competition takes place. We were divided into groups and given a recipe for gnocchi and a brief explanation of how to make the dish. Working together we made a gnocchi dish for three judges and enough for the whole table to eat as well. Although our group did not win, we had a fun time and spent the rest of the night giggling and telling funny stories. We finished the night packing up and reflecting on the trip with roommates before setting our alarms for the next day. 

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