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Northeast Corridor: Day 12 National Cathedral

After a great breakfast at our hotel, we began our day by taking the metro bus over to the Washington National Cathedral. This 1907 cathedral is a great representation of the many facets of gothic architecture we have learned about in our art history class. From the magnificent rose window to the towering spires and buttresses, we were able to identify the many aspects of the cathedral while independently exploring the towers, nave, and crypt. 

By the time we had finished walking around the cathedral, we all had gotten pretty hungry, so we headed over to Martin’s Tavern for lunch. This family owned restaurant has been in business for four generations, and has served all different types of prominent people, including presidents and popular actors. After a wonderful lunch, we had the opportunity to explore around Georgetown. We saw Harpeth Hall alum, Elizabeth Nelson, and did a little bit of shopping. 

Next, we went to the National Gallery, which was an incredible gallery featuring pieces by Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Degas, and other notable artists. There was also an interesting Vittore Carpaccio exhibit that focused on the Renaissance in Venice, Italy. After visiting the gallery, we enjoyed a night in by preparing our own dinner at our hotel and watching a movie!

-Adelaide and Karina

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