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Northeast Corridor: Day 10 Washington D.C.

We started our first full day in D.C. at the Museum of African American History. We were split into groups to explore the museum, and even though we had almost two hours there, it was impossible to see everything the museum had to offer. My favorite area of the museum were the history floors underground which told the story of African Americans from the Atlantic slave trade to today. After taking AP U.S. History, I was able to better appreciate the evolution of the abolition and civil rights movements.

Next stop after lunch was the Capitol! We got to walk around with a tour guide who led us through, providing context for each room we were in and fun facts along the way. It was incredible to be in the same rooms where such monumental people have walked and such important decisions have been made. The rotunda was my personal favorite. With its incredible dome and paintings surrounding the walls, it’s truly a majestic space. I loved learning about the painting of George Washington on the underside of the dome. He’s pictured as a Roman god, ascending into heaven, because he was actually supposed to be buried there. 

Our last stop of the day was the Library of Congress. It is an incredible building with colorful mosaics and paintings covering the floors, walls, and ceilings. My favorite exhibit was a display of some of the most famous photos in their collection. Some of us got our own library cards and are now certified “readers” for the Library of Congress

We finished off the day with a fun trivia game with questions from the day and very delicious cupcakes from My Cake Theory. We enjoyed gathering and sharing fun and impactful moments from the day before heading to get a good night’s rest. Excited for another big day in the city tomorrow!

-Mary and Virginia

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