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January 7: SFO to Apple to San José to Monterey

Today we toured an Apple store in Apple Park. This is right next to Apple's HQ. We learned that Apple owns caves, so the company can have direct access to the materials used in its architecture. The group explored the store and used the demonstrative products on display.

After our quick trip to Apple, we arrived at a science museum for a bit of exploration. Through play and experimentation, the group spent time learning about various topics like sustainability, outer space, and the human body, among countless other subjects. The group eventually ended the visit with snacks and a quick trip to the gift shop before continuing to Monterey.

As for food, after a fun and relaxing bus ride, we stopped in San Jose for lunch on a street with many different choices. Some places people tried were sandwich shops, Mediterranean food, and Vietnamese food.

After the science museum, we got back onto the bus and drove until we arrived in Monterey. We stopped at our new resort Hotel Pacific before continuing to dinner at Melvins Tavern. There we were able to enjoy a lot of different types of food and watch our own Titans team lose to the Jaguars for the AFC South title. We ended the day in our small groups and journaled about our experiences.

~ Pauline, Gabby, and Allie

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