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January 18: San Francisco

Today, we explored San Francisco! We started in the morning with a rail car ride to Chinatown! Chinatown was an immersive center of culture and color. We paid a visit to the fortune cookie factory, and we were allowed time to explore the five street blocks that the area occupies.

Next, we quickly stopped by the Salesforce Park, a second-story green space connected to the Salesforce building in the middle of downtown.

From there, we took the bus to The Archery, a building designed for entrepreneurs and artists to rent space to start their businesses and experiment creatively. We took a tour with the founder and met an artist creating sculptures out of mushrooms. We ate a lunch made by the kitchen consisting of avocado toast and arugula salad with strawberry lemonade to drink and peanut butter cookies for dessert!

Lastly, we headed to Golden Gate Park where we explored the two museums, De Young Art Museum and the California Academy of Sciences. For dinner, we had a group “final supper” to commemorate our time and reflect on our memories!

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