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January 15: Surfrider Beach Clean Up

We started the day by joining volunteers for Surfriders Foundation in collecting trash that had washed up on the shores of Ventura’s beaches over the past few days due to the extensive rains. Collectively, we retrieved over 130 pounds of trash from being washed out to sea.

We then loaded onto the bus and dined at a local burger joint, Habit Burger, and spotted a television celebrity, Angel Parker. After lunch, we were allotted free time to explore the Main Street of downtown Ventura, which is sprinkled with vintage shops, boutiques, and cafés.

We met up again to make our way to the Patagonia flagship store and headquarters. We were greeted by two representatives who shared Patagonia’s rich history and mission of sustainability. Following some light shopping at the Patagonia outlet, our group traveled to our final stop in our California journey, Burbank (just outside of Los Angeles). We ended the night with a delicious dinner at The Six.

- Amelia, Sarah, and Emme

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