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 January 15: Hiking in Patagonia

Today was a pretty laid back day. We started with a late brunch that some of the group made at the Gravel House in Patagonia. It consisted of scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit, and oatmeal. We then learned the history of the hotel and town from Lynn, one of the motel owners. She and Jerry took over the hotel 12 years ago, and it has an interesting history. The original owner built it in hopes that people would come to see her museum of stagecoaches and other Western conveyances and memorabilia, but that never happened. Now, Patagonia’s tourism is based around hiking and biking in the area. Following that story, we had some free time to explore the town and talk with some of the store owners and residents. We had lunch at one of the town’s restaurants and ate at the park. We ended the main part of the day with a discussion with two locals, Ryan and Sheridan, about how they built their straw bale house. Then they led us on a hike. We ended with some live music and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. 

Love from Patagonia,
Adeline (and the southwest group)


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