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January 15: On Hollywood Boulevard

Today was a whirlwind of locations and activities in the Los Angeles area for our California Winterim group. We started out the day with visiting the Beverly Hills area and looking through shops in the Golden Triangle, which is right around the Beverly Hills sign. The shopping scene is one that many of us are not used to seeing. Streets like Rodeo Drive were beautifully decked out for luxury designer brands. We got to have much free time to observe and explore the Beverly Hills area and shop at some of the more affordable shops.

After we gathered by the Beverly Hills sign, we headed off to Hollywood Boulevard in the bus, passing by Sunset Boulevard on the way. Hollywood Boulevard has a striking resemblance to Times Square in New York City with L.A.’s own twist to it. On the boulevard was the place where Jimmy Kimmel Live records and the Dolby Theater where the Academy Awards are given. Hollywood Boulevard is also home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame with all of the Hollywood stars. I personally got to see that of Harrison Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Rudd, and many more! 

After we walked in the Walk of Fame, we headed to the Griffith Observatory which was situated high upon a mountain overlooking L.A. With stunning views in the backdrop, many of us sat on the lawn to read or water color. We watched the sunset together with amazing views of the city, snow capped mountains, and the Hollywood sign. We finished out the day with all of us together for a lovely dinner outside in the San Fernando Valley region. 

One thing that stuck out to me about Los Angeles is its sheer size. It has so many different locations to it, and it receives three different weather reports (one for the mountains, one for the waterfront, and one for the city proper). This was a day filled with experiences of different sections of L.A. that helped give our group a glimpse into the L.A. environment.

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