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 January 14: Tombstone, Arizona

Today we woke up in the small town of Patagonia at the eclectic Stage Stop Inn. We started our day by driving about 45 minutes to the historic town of Tombstone, Arizona, where the famous shootout between Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers and four of the town’s outlaws. After enjoying a comedic reenactment of the gun fight between the lawmen and cowboys, our group took photos with some of the actors before eating lunch at the supposedly haunted saloon called Big Nose Kate’s. We then drove almost an hour on our bumpy bus ride to arrive in Canelo, AZ, where we met with a woman named Athena who gave us a tour of her property and discussed her involvement with the Canelo Project. All the homes on the property were made sustainably using resources like clay, plaster, and cement to stabilize the bamboo and straw bail walls of the buildings. We learned that the houses were very weather-proof and provided lots of insulation despite being made of straw. We continued to reflect on these building practices throughout the rest of the day and we discussed the various reasons why these types of homes are not widely seen in the rest of the country. We then ended the day with dinner, a nighttime meeting by the fire, and lots of delicious s’mores. 

Love from Patagonia,
Sarah Grace (and the rest of the Southwesties!!)


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