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 January 13: Patagonia

Today we started our day bright and early. We packed and headed towards Patagonia, Arizona. On the way, we stopped to meet up with Madam Albright (a former Harpeth Hall teacher) in Sedona. With her as our guide, we hiked (or rather climbed) Cathedral Rock Trail. Though the cliffs were slightly terrifying, the views were absolutely worth it! We made it to the end of the trail with barely any time to spare as we had a long trek ahead of us. About an hour later we stopped for lunch in Phoenix, and we saw our first saguaro cactus of the trip! Most people had Indian food and others had burgers, but in the end we all had some froyo! The favorite flavor of the group by far was the raspberry pomegranate (yum!) After that we got back on the bus for a five hour trip to Patagonia! There were gorgeous views and a wonderful sunset on the way! We are staying at an adorable hotel with plenty of Christmas decorations still up causing some lovely winter cheer amongst the group. We ate some delicious pizza from a place called Velvet Elvis! Some of us have even had a run in with the local wildlife, wild pig things called javelinas, and they are not as cute as we were expecting :(

Love from Patagonia,
Crissa (and the southwest group!)


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