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January 13: Camp Ocean Pines

Today we had a great day at camp! We woke up this morning to fog coming off the ocean and an amazing breakfast being made by the Camp Ocean Pines chefs!

After breakfast, we attended an animal encounter led by one of the counselors here. First, there were two geckos named Macaroni and Cheese. Unfortunately, Cheese was shedding his scales, so we could not hold him, but we did all get to pet Cheese. Next, we got to hold two snakes named Jack and Arthur and got to see a third snake who was shedding his skin, so we could not hold him. Last, we got to see two salamanders, but we could not hold them as our natural skin oils might harm them. After holding the reptiles, we got to play with two adorable bunnies named Eeyore and Darcy.

After our animal encounter, we played board games and listened to music together, which was incredibly relaxing. Next, we ate lunch and prepared for our hike. We did a hike through the neighborhood beside the camp and into the ocean-side park. The views were simply amazing, and the waves that we saw were huge!

After our hike, we had some downtime followed by a yummy dinner. Finally, huddled around the fireplace and made s’mores, hot chocolate, and tea. What an amazing last day in Cambria!

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