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January 10: Monterey extended

We started off our day by learning that we would not be driving to Camp Ocean Pines due to the weather in the area, which was disappointing, but we decided to make the best of a bonus day in Monterey.

For our morning meeting, we played a game where we asked each other introspective questions. We had several hours of free time, during which we relaxed and spent time with each other. Next, some people went on a walking tour while others got foot massages, and then we went to lunch.

After lunch, we walked along the shore to Cannery Row and saw harbor seals soaking in the warmth of the sun on some rocks. Next, we went to a mirror maze, which we went through several times. Then, we had more free time to walk around and explore the shops on Cannery Row. After that, we walked back down the trail to dinner at Turn 12, which was delicious.

We ended the day with bowling. At bowling, we learned that our awesome bus driver, Larry, is an outstanding bowler. We can't wait to head to Camp Ocean Pines tomorrow!

- Sarah Martin, Aarthe & Jadyn

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