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 January 10: Hiking in New Mexico

We got to sleep in this morning before embarking on a journey to meow wolf. For those unfamiliar Meow wolf is an interactive art exhibit that strongly resembles an escape room and the adventure science center with its thrilling and mysterious story line and many secret passages. Every single sense was used throughout our exploration and we ended the adventure with lunch from the food truck located in front of the building. We then started our three hour journey to Gallup, New Mexico, and before arriving we took a quick pit stop at a trail in Albuquerque. We hiked a .5 mile trail along the Sandia Mountains. The hike was practically vertical and took quite the effort to climb straight up the mountain. We then continued on our drive and we’re able to see the beautiful landscape from the bus as the sun was setting before we arrived to our hotel for the night, the El Rancho Hotel, which is a national historic site!

Love from Gallup,

Nadia (and the southwest group)

Sandia Mountains trail


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