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Iran-Saudi Arabia Proxy Conflict

by Scout D. Class of 2022

The Iran-Saudi Arabia Proxy Conflict, also known as the ‘Middle Eastern Cold War’, is a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia’s attempt to exert dominance over their neighbors. This conflict is the embodiment of the historical conflict between Sunni Muslims - or Saudi Arabia in this conflict, and Shia Muslims - or Iraq in this conflict. These two countries involve themselves in neighboring countries’ politics and governments in an attempt to influence a nation towards their side in the conflict.

by Scout D. Class of 2022

The Iran-Saudi Arabia Proxy Conflict has continuously affected Middle Eastern politics while reflecting historical conflicts such as the Sunni-Shia conflict and the US-USSR Cold War. My website includes a brief overview of the history of Iran and Saudi Arabia's conflict, while informing viewers of recent events involved in what is known as the Middle Eastern Cold War.

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