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International Adoption

by Hannah K. Class of 2021

 A Study on China’s Intercountry Adoption Program and Policies

by Hannah K. Class of 2021

For my global scholars capstone project, I focused on China’s International ADoption Process and the policies that they have in place. I researched how it has changed in recent years along with the issues of the system. In order to gain a global perspective, I also researched America’s policies. I used my research and information about the USA to compare and contrast with China. THe process of adoption is quite developed and difficult to explore every fine detail, but I did my very best to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic. My final product is an infographic that includes an introduction of the topic, a list of requirements for the potential parents and the child being adopted, along with an interview with a Harpeth Hall mother who adopted a daughter from China, and other additional facts about international adoption!

  • Global Scholars
  • Student Capstone 2021