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Global Sustainable Pathways

by Sabrina R. Class of 2022

How have global cities' attempts at re-vitalizing urban landscapes affected the economic, social, and environmental aspects of their societies and cultures?

by Sabrina R. Class of 2022

Throughout my Global Scholars Capstone project, I researched how cities around the world (namely Boston and Madrid) are re-introducing the natural environment into their urban landscapes. My research focuses on the problems each of these cities faced related to highly congested areas within their infrastructure and how the subsequent projects they undertook affected the respective economic, social, and environmental aspects of each city's society. For my final product, I created a website which houses the culmination of my research in blog posts outlining and comparing the various economic, social, and environmental effects of Boston and Madrid's efforts in revitalizing their urban landscapes.

Image Citation:Greenway Conservancy. An aerial photo of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Wikimedia, 28 June 2017, Greenway_Aerial_Shot.jpg. Accessed 17 Apr. 2022.  

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