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by Emory M. Class of 2021

A Study of the Educational Systems in Finland and the United States and the effects they have on the happiness rate of teenagers in high school.

by Emory M. Class of 2021

For my capstone project, I researched the education systems in Finland and the United States and the effects of these systems on the happiness of the teenagers within the respective countries. I began my research by looking generally at both the means of education and the overall state of happiness within these countries. I then began diving deeper to answer the question of why does Finland’s education system cause its students to score higher on the international scale in comparison to not only the United States but also the rest of the world? Why has Finland been ranked the happiest country for the past four years in a row-including the current events of the pandemic? Throughout my project, I aimed to answer these questions by drawing direct comparisons and contrasts between the two countries and will showcase my work through a website created through wordpress.

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