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January 6: San Francisco's Cable Cars

What a fantastic kickoff to a trip imbued with cultural connection and saturated with scenic historical atmosphere! Today, our group rose with bright and curious convictions as we began our Thursday with an introduction to San Francisco’s Chinatown. Filled with a vibrant, effusive sense of communal appreciation, Chinatown enveloped our group as we explored alleys decorated with interpretive, brightly hued murals and sidewalks lined by the stores and shops filled with goods that connect the area to its ever-present tradition of Asian culture. 

After saying our goodbyes to the glorious scenery of Chinatown, the group followed San Francisco’s misty ocean breeze to the waterfront. We explored the thrumming atmosphere of Pier 39, filled with artistic shows, carnival activities, and quite a number of skateboarders. The group was especially impressed with the show put on by the local sea lions of the area as they jostled for napping space along the chilly piers, growling and flapping their flippers with a drowsy indignance that we found quite amusing. 

Moving on from our blubbery entertainment, we made one final trip to the mission district, pausing on our journey in order to see the historic turnaround of the San Francisco cable cars, a unique transportation system which presents a connection to the efforts of San Francisco’s residents to maintain the cable cars that have run throughout the city’s hills since the late 1800’s. Continuing our exploration, we arrived in the mission district, a section of the city filled with shops that captured our curiosity. 

The city of San Francisco made quite the impression upon us today, and the glorious vibrancy of its settings and scenery have set a pleasant standard for our future travel. Excitement is peaking as a new day of learning approaches! 

- Eleanor



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