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 January 9: Exploring Santa Fe

Today was quite the busy little day! We woke up and had oatmeal in our pjs which was kinda silly and fun. Then we started the day with some time at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum which I thought was really cool. I didn’t really know much about Georgia O’Keeffe except that she was a talented artist, so it was really interesting to learn more about her. I feel like I would be friends with her. She had this box of all of her keys and one of them had a label that just said “don’t know” on it and I really liked that! Also, she seems really down to earth. I love the way she tried to be unique and not follow certain mainstream ideas about art and symbols. For example, she always rejected the notion that the bones she painted meant death. To her, they meant resilience and strength. To her they represented a point in time. I learned so much more that I can’t even tell you all of it! Anyway, then we had most of the day to ourselves! A group of us decided to explore as much of the town as we could. Santa Fe is really cool because it gives old town Europe vibes and it’s very easy to walk around and explore. We saw a book shop and cafe, we ate lunch at a French restaurant (I had a crepe), we toured many really old churches and saw a beautiful sunset! Today was full of fun, learning and adventures and I can’t wait for tomorrow!


Love from Santa Fe,
Elizabeth (and the southwest group)


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