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January 8:  Museum Hill

Today we traveled from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. During the bus ride, we admired the beautiful scenery, from snow capped mountains in the distance to the surprising richness of the colors of the dry landscape. When we arrived at our first stop, Museum Hill, we stepped off the bus into leftover snow! The Museum of International Folk Art was really interesting because the art was absolutely beautiful, and we loved the use of vibrant color and pattern and how the same religious imagery is portrayed different cultures. The subtle and drastic differences were interesting, and the art was gorgeous. We were all intrigued by the Japanese Demon exhibit and a haunted house based off that exhibit. After lunch, we took a walking art tour along Santa Fe‘s most artistic street. We saw works from local artists, as well as from international and historical artists. We loved seeing the rich New Mexican culture. The Art History students were especially excited about seeing Black on Black pieces by Maria Martinez! Shout out to Mr. Womack :) We are loving the Southwest so far and can’t wait for tomorrow!


Love from Santa Fe,
Taylor (and the Southwest group)

Art Tour in Santa Fe


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