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January 7: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

This morning we started our day by heading to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. We met up with our guide Jon and began our tour. The tour included Native American art, stories, linguistic tradition, music, history, religion, and relationships with the land. We even got to see an authentic piece of Maria Martinez pottery! All art history students were very excited. Jon spoke both his mother’s and father’s respective languages, and it was fascinating to learn about the differences in Native American languages. Across the perspectives of our tour guides and interpreters from the last two days, we enjoyed hearing the geologic perspective, the artistic and religious perspective, and today, a more personal perspective. We finished our tour with a delicious lunch at the cultural center’s restaurant. Our favorites included Tewa tacos, Pueblo fry bread, blue corn enchiladas, and waffles. After lunch, we headed to Old Town to explore. Some of us were able to have a tour of the local church. A few other favorites were the tea and coffee shops, art galleries, and the lovely square/gazebo. For dinner, we went to Artichoke Cafe and had an amazing meal with salads, chicken, butternut squash ravioli, steak with beet sauce, chocolate tart, and creme brulee. The food was incredible today, to say the least. 

Love from Albuquerque,
Annabelle (and the rest of the Southwest group!)

Group at Pueblo Indian Cultural Center


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