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Aging in the 21st century

by Sarah C. Class of 2021

The economic, social, and political impacts of the Silver Tsunami in Norway, Japan, and the United States

by Sarah C. Class of 2021

My capstone project explored the impacts of the aging of the world’s population, specifically in Norway, the United States, and in Japan. In terms of healthcare, I looked at the effects of the varying policies in each country, and how each system will be able to adapt to the need for more long-term care options in the future, and I found that Norway and Japan are much better prepared with public healthcare systems than the US which is dominated by privatized long-term care options and little support for caregivers. I also researched the economic impacts of an aging workforce and policy options to mitigate these effects, especially in the US with the imbalance of Social Security benefits associated with the aging of Baby Boomers. In both Japan and Norway, I researched the need for pension reform to allow for an aging workforce.  In addition, I looked at the cultural views towards elderly communities which are much more positive in both Norway and Japan.

  • Global Scholars
  • Student Capstone 2021