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A Case Study of Renewable Energy and Energy Distribution

by Janet B. Class of 2021

in Kenya, Chile, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia and how they signify the future of global energy

by Janet B. Class of 2021

My project looks at the energy capacities and grids of Chile, Kenya, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia and compares them to global renewable standards. Through each of these very different countries, I found that the world is working towards more renewable dependency, but it depends on privatization of energy and the geographic limitations of these areas. It was also fascinating to look at how countries who are just now developing energy grids are able to utilize renewable energy in different ways like individual wind and solar turbines that can power batteries to store energy for entire villages. Renewable energy depends on the environment, but as the world moves to more diverse energy profiles, every country will be able to utilize renewables that fit their geographies.

  • Global Scholars
  • Student Capstone 2021