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A Brief History into China’s Internet Censorship

by Catherine R. Class of 2021

by Catherine R. Class of 2021

For my capstone project I focused on the history of internet censorship in China. I researched the different techniques the government hsa put into place since the internet was first introduced to China around 1987. I looked at the different regulations and censorship techniques put into place and then focused on how it affects not only the citizens of China but how it affects other international relations. For example, tools such as the Great Firewall and the Fifty Cent Army give the Chinese government full control over what is posted online and what the citizens in China are able to view from other countries. These regulations and programs allow the government to create a society and image that they choose rather than letting their citizens have a glimpse into reality. I also looked into how censorship in China can also affect the global economy and citizens from around the world as well.

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  • Student Capstone 2021