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11 Traits of Excellent Leadership at Harpeth Hall

These traits inspire, guide, and empower Harpeth Hall girls to be better versions of themselves and contribute their talents to the benefit of others.

  1. She exemplifies integrity.
  2. She respects others and herself.
  3. She engages actively in her learning.
  4. She believes her actions make a difference.
  5. She acts when she sees a need.
  6. She inspires others through her dedication.
  7. She listens thoughtfully to the ideas of others.
  8. She communicates effectively.
  9. She identifies when to lead and when to follow.
  10. She embraces a commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and equity both in and out of the classroom as a means of forming a stronger and better school.
  11. She understands that learning to lead confidently is a life-long endeavor.
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