Introduction to Engineering Regatta Project

For this project, teachers Jennifer Webster and Tad Wert asked students to design and build a boat that would support a student for at least three minutes in the water and be maneuverable. They had to calculate how much displacement was necessary to hold one passenger, and then design a craft that could be paddled around. Students were divided into four teams, and their teachers are happy to report that all four teams' boats successfully carried their mariners. However, some did the job better than others!

The constraints on the project were that the girls could only use cardboard, Liquid Nails adhesive, and paint. They had two weeks to complete the project from initial design to testing a prototype to finished boat.

Ms. Webster and Mr. Wert would like to thank Caroline Kiesling's family for allowing the teams to test their boats in their swimming pool. Ms. Kiesling even provided some delicious snacks for the girls to enjoy after the regatta!

Watch this fun video of the regatta!


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