Upper School STEM Curriculum

Broadening Competencies

In Upper School, students work at  “Broadening Competencies” by diving deeply into STEM through our math, science and computer science courses. Specialized opportunities also are available to students through our multiple Honors and AP courses. Students who complete the most rigorous math courses can take multi-variable calculus, differential equations or linear algebra through our partnership with One Schoolhouse. In our Honors STEM Research class, students conduct independent research in a laboratory at Vanderbilt University and other organizations across Nashville. 

Throughout Upper School, we work on integrating girls’ STEM knowledge and STEM skills through dedicated interdisciplinary projects and courses such as Introduction to Engineering. We foster creative problem solving while engaging in purposeful projects to benefit our community that gives girls hands-on opportunities to use tools and technology.

We turn to preparing our students for greater challenges through Winterim STEM internships and independent research projects. Our 9th and 10th grade students have numerous choices on campus that vary from year to year. This year's selection include topics such as  'Structures, Technology And Robotics: A Hands-On Engineering Experience' and 'Medical Robotics'.  Students in grades 11 and 12 have off campus opportunities both in Nashville and outside of our city, including places such as NASA, National Institutes of Health, and National Science Foundation.

STEM Curricular, Co-curricular, and Extracurricular Activities


The Math department's goal is to give each student the very best mathematics education possible, taking into consideration ability, interest, and necessary preparation for success in college and in life. Each teacher strives to instill the confidence necessary to extend the students' horizons into new areas of mathematically related study such as science, and each hopes to foster independent study and continued interest in mathematics.

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Science is at the same time a body of information and a way of looking at the world. It is imperative for graduates of Harpeth Hall to possess both an understanding of scientific processes and analytical abilities necessary to utilize these concepts. Our science students are well prepared for the next level in science.

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Additional Online Courses

For students who would like to stretch beyond the Harpeth Hall curriculum, we have course offerings through the OneSchoolhouse (formerly the Online School for Girls.) A student may take these courses with the approval of her current teachers and the Upper School Director. These courses are recommended for the independent and mature student who would like to exceed the expectations of our high school curriculum.

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Science Quiz Bowl

Science Bowl is a nationwide academic competition that tests students’ knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics. Organized by the Department of Energy, the competitions consist of fast-paced question-and-answer contests between two teams of high school students, with topics on a wide range of topics, including biology, math, chemistry, physics, energy, astronomy, and earth science.

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