STEM Education for Girls

Harpeth Hall's Center for STEM Education offers girls advanced opportunities through its curriculum, co-curricular teams, interdisciplinary pathways, and external partnerships, notably with Vanderbilt University.

Harpeth Hall is proud to take the lead in STEM education for girls. We incorporate the essential, research-based components of a successful college preparatory experience for girls to develop and pursue their interest in STEM. In an all-girl environment, collaboration skills are easy to hone. Our approach is inquiry-focused, project-based and student-centered where girls learn to take risks, engage with scientific thinking and the engineering design process while building confidence to apply their understanding to the world’s problems.




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Upper School Curriculum

STEM Research
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STEM Highlights "Inside the Hall"

Harpeth Hall recognizes our students and faculty in a variety of ways. "Inside the Hall" is the name of our internal parent e-newsletter that provides glimpses into our classrooms and celebrates accomplishments and everyday activity on campus. Below are some STEM highlights from that publication and from the STEM curriculum.

Meet the Director

Dr. Barbara Bell named Director of the Center for STEM Education for Girls.

As one of the first female graduates of the United States Naval Academy, Dr. Bell maintains an impressive resume with professional foundations as a Naval Officer, Naval Aviator, Naval Captain, and business consultant. Combining the skills she acquired in the aerospace sector for more than 25 years, along with her doctorate in education, Dr. Bell joined the Harpeth Hall community as a passionate and experienced advocate for the next generation of girls in STEM.

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Yes, I am good in math and science.
Yes, I can code.
Yes, I know the engineering design
process and can use it
to design a project.

Three outcomes I want for all girls in STEM - Dr. Barbara Bell