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Understanding Orca Captivity Through Storytelling
Elizabeth Read

Hallie Gibson '25

I created a non-fiction comic book that educates readers about orca whales in and out of captivity. After visiting the marine park SeaWorld in 2018, I wanted to learn about the effects of confinement on a killer whale’s brain. The park’s animal trainers and their perspectives on the whale shows were especially interesting to me. I researched the origins of SeaLand and SeaWorld, as well as animal attacks that have happened there. Using my knowledge, I created a graphic novel with information about orca whales in captivity and in the wild, and I explored the issue of whether marine parks are ethical or not. The comic dives into wild and captive orcas, and how their lives contrast from one another. Animal confinement is a controversial topic, so I presented opposing opinions on the matter. I hope to help readers form their own opinions on the issue by including different perspectives.

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