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Sustainable Architecture: Modernizing a 20th Century Home
Elizabeth Read

Carlisle Gambill '27

I researched modern architecture and created a 3D design of a modern house, based on one of my favorite houses in Nashville. For my research, I started by learning about the topic of architecture as a whole, before learning about different modernist styles, how to make a house more modern and sustainable, and how to design an architectural structure overall. Based on my research, I decided to modernize a house for my product, and I chose a house that I thought would be fit for modernization. My first step was to sketch what I wanted the new version of this house to look like based on the key elements of modern architecture. Then I built the house on the online platform, Tinkercad. Next I designed a floor plan, and finally I 3D printed the model and customized it. The final components of my product include 3D online and physical house models, a floor plan of my house, and a vision board stating how this house was modernized and how other houses can be modernized in the same way in the future.

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