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From the Page to the Stage: Bringing Characters to Life through Writing, Acting, and Costuming
Elizabeth Read

Louisa Wang '27

For my SEEK project I researched the process of creating characters in plays in three main areas: writing, acting, and costuming. I learned about dissecting the inner thoughts and emotions of a character to write a believable personality who could exist in real life. In addition, I learned about acting methods and how to realistically portray a character on stage, and how color psychology changes the impact a character has on the stage. I also interviewed director, actor, and teaching artist India-Jane Hodge, who taught me about the Chekhov method for acting and visualizing every possible aspect of a role. Using my research on writing, acting, and costuming, I transformed a scene from Magenta, the short story I wrote for SEEK last year into a script for a scene in a play. After writing and blocking the scene, I performed a read through of the scene and designed the costumes and color palettes for my characters. My SEEK project helped me understand all that goes on behind the scenes to create a character on stage, how to understand more deeply the characters I read, watch, or portray, and how color palettes and color psychology affect the audience’s perception of a character.

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