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Creating an Enrichment for Red Pandas at the Nashville Zoo
Elizabeth Read

Penny Hemingway '28

I researched animal enrichment and the benefits it has for animals in captivity. My goal was to design a safe and suitable enrichment toy that could be used by the Red Pandas at the Nashville Zoo. In order to accomplish this, I learned the five different types of animal enrichment, how to design animal enrichment, and the different behavioral patterns and food needs of Red Pandas. I also learned specifically about Lily and Beau, the Red Pandas at the Nashville Zoo, through conversations with their keepers. For my final product, I used my research to design, build, and test an animal enrichment that challenged the Red Pandas to work for their food, simulating what they would do out of captivity. I was able to visit the Nashville Zoo to test my product with Lily and Bow. And Lily especially enjoyed playing with it, and it was very fun to watch.

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