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Persuasive Technology and the Adolescent Brain
Elizabeth Read

Ashley Maliakal '25

Inspired by the Social Dilemma documentary and a course I took on Neuroscience over the summer, I completed my SEEK project on persuasive technology and how it affects the development of the adolescent brain. I extensively researched the use of persuasive technology and how its implementation in social platforms affects adolescents and their vulnerable brains. To apply my research, I created a conference prototype to educate parents and teachers about the dangers of persuasive technology. This conference includes perspectives of experts in different industries such as Dr. BJ Fogg who is a professor and behavior scientist at Stanford and Tristan Harris who is the co-owner of the Center for Humane Technology. I created this conference as an ideal way, for teachers and parents, to learn about the effects of persuasive technology and how they can help the future generation of adolescents.

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