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The Perils of 2020:  Exploring the World of Writing a Multi-Genre Novel
Elizabeth Read

Sophia Huddleston '27

For my SEEK project, I researched how to start writing a piece of literature, by learning the elements of fiction, characters, types of writing, and authors' styles. I looked closer into the process of making and building a character, which allowed me to further understand that there must be a strong appreciation of each individual character’s personality and persona to create a compelling story. I wrote character interviews that explained each character’s personality, took pictures and came up with symbolism and metaphors in those photographs, wrote a plotline dealing with the realities of living during a worldwide pandemic, and explored different examples of genres for the novel. For my final product, I created a slideshow and poster board showcasing all of these pieces of work. From SEEK, I have learned that the process of writing a novel is long, and time management is key in an independent project.

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